Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set…

So, I totally was gearing up to start the 5 Day Husband Project this weekend, thinking of what I wanted to do, getting all excited – and then realized that project #1 is better suited for a weekday! Lol! And in my desire to stick to the order given in the book, I’m going to start tomorrow (Monday) and today I’m going to intro the project and the giveaway!


So, here is the 5 Day Husband Project that I am doing and would like all of you to join me in! No, it doesn’t have to do with making a project list for your husband to do (sorry!), but rather it’s some fun projects for wives (or girlfriends/partners/whatever) to do for our special someone to bring fun back into the relationship!


I first saw this as part of the book The Husband Project and thought this would be a perfect project for my readers to follow along with! The book is aimed at those who may feel like their marriage has gone from "I do" to "What did I do?" but as a newlywed I see this as a great opportunity to keep the fun going!


Regardless of the point in your relationship, this helps recapture the romance that made you and your husband fall in love in the first place. This 5 day project is a snippet of The Husband Project which provides 21 days of fun activities to show love and honor to your husband and return fun and flirting to your marriage. Plus, it’s affordable! Most of the projects take less than 5 minutes or 5 dollars. (Cha-ching!)


I think this project is either great for a time when you want to spice-it-up a bit, or perhaps a great way to celebrate Valentines Day all February long, or maybe make his birthDAY into a birthMONTH! I’m sure he won’t mind!


So, how does The Husband Project work?
The Husband Project is like a workout program for your marriage – only with less sweat and more chocolate. You commit to do fun and flirty things to raise the temperature of your marriage – everything from flirty notes to more lingerie in the bedroom. It is a little bit of work – and a whole lot of fun.


(Note, if you get the book, do the bonus projects! Bonus Projects are the PG13 part of The Project. They are once a week assignments to have sex with your husband. (I know you won’t be surprised to find out these are the husband’s favorite projects.))


As the author says, keep The Husband Project a secret from their guy. Not that you should keep anything from your husband – that is just bad marriage management. But I think The Husband Project should be the exception. You probably wouldn’t upset if your husband threw you a surprise party – this is the same type of situation!


How to win the book
Thanks to author Kathi Lipp, one of my lucky readers will win a copy of The Husband Project! All you have to do is follow along my 5 day project and post your results after completing a project on one of the project days – his reaction, your reaction, etc. For additional entries, post your results to more than one project on the respective project day. (i.e. you can enter to win up to 5 times by posting your results on every project) At the end of the project I will pick a winner at random Sunday 9/25 evening.

You can actually search the book, or buy it on Amazon.

So think about what you might have in store for your Mr. and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like a great book and fun marriage project Diane! I'm excited to make an effort to join in on the fun :)